It’s still hard to believe that 31 years have passed since the release of the first season of “Baywatch.” Today, the actors who used to grace calendars and posters with their sexy bodies are already 60 years old. But despite their age, these Hollywood stars are still in tip-top physical shape and continue to star in movies and TS shows. Here’s what those hottest Baywatch lifeguards are up to now.

1. Pamela Anderson

For her age, Pamela looks remarkably well. Of course, she could be retouching those photos on Instagram, but you still have to admit she’s doing something right. And apparently, that “something” isn’t sports or physical exercises, but instead a fundamental change of her diet. At least that’s what she’s claiming. Instead of training, Anderson switches to a vegetarian menu once a month. Maybe she’s onto something here.

2. Yasmine Blyth

In recent years, Yasmin has changed a lot and gained some weight. Many fans of the show would hardly recognize her. In the early 2000s, the actress was detained after the police found drugs in her car. After that, Yasmine spent several months in a rehab clinic and disappeared from the media. The 51-year-old ex-bombshell has been hiding from the fans for almost 20 years, but maybe we’ll get to see her resurface soon.

3. Alexandra Paul

This summer, Alex will turn 58 years old. Her naturally slender physique has hardly changed over the decades. Alexandra Paul continues to appear in movies and on TV, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and even works as a life coach. It seems like she’s got it all figured out.

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