Bad romances, tragic divorces, racist jewelry — the British royal family’s history is full of hugely controversial stories, which many have already forgotten or don’t really care about. But the Internet never forgets.

Here are some of the biggest scandals of the British Royal family.

The Infamous Brooch

During one of the traditional gala dinners at the Buckingham Palace, Princess Michael of Kent appeared wearing an extremely controversial accessory — a brooch in the form of a black servant. We don’t have to tell you how messed up this situation was. The controversial accessory started a discussion that grew into a national scandal. Attempting to smooth it out, the royal family made a statement in which they claimed that the trinket was a gift, and it has been worn many times before, and that Princess Michael was very sorry and upset that this offended someone.

Meghan And Harry’s Candid Interview With Oprah

After months of patiently waiting, we finally got a nice and long sit-down with the royal renegades — Meghan and Harry. The candid interview happened just a few days ago, on March 7, and revealed many nasty mysteries of the royal family, including their blatant racism towards Archie and Meghan being refused any form of help or support from the “family” after contemplating suicide. Maybe this will help the British folk finally dethrone their monarchs.

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