Let’s see how these Disney Channel stars have changed over the years.

1. Lucas Till  — “Hannah Montana: The Movie”

You may remember Lucas as Alex Summers (Scott Summers’ older brother), aka Havok from the X-Men movies, but he did star in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Today, most of his roles are in horrors, thrillers, or action films. Let’s see if Till can somehow change the trajectory of his acting career, or maybe he’s fine with how things are.

2. Ryan Gosling — “Mickey Mouse Club”

Ryan is one of the most prominent Mickey Club’s members. Today, the actor has over 50 outstanding roles in films, TV shows, two Oscar nominations, and a Golden Globe. Not too shabby for a 40-year-old man! Disney may have given Ryan a big early boost, but his immense talent and charisma earned him all the success that followed.

3. Shia LaBeouf — “Tru Confessions”

At the age of 13, Shia played in one of the episodes of the “The X-Files” series, but the popularity came to him a couple of years later in the Disney movie “Tru Confessions.” Later came the “Transformers” movies and “Indiana Jones,” which put him on the map as a first-class actor.

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