Demi Lovato has amassed a great deal of popularity and fame since the beginning of her career. After her successful stint with Disney, she is one of many Disney kid stars that were able to make the transition from wholesome child actor to mainstream pop star. What many may remember is that a few years ago, Demi Lovato was in the fight for her life after overdosing. Back in 2018 on that tragic day, her overdose and near-death experience was all over the news, and was on repeat in the 24-hour news cycle of today’s media. But after her harrowing event was not the latest news anymore, how many people actually took the time out to learn why things got that bad for the pop star? After some time of being somewhat silent on her experience, Demi Lovato finally has opened up about just how bad things were for her, and what led her to that terrifying overdose. In the latest slew of YouTube originals, Demi Lovato finally gives an inside perspective in the docuseries Dancing With the Devil

The four-part docuseries was just released March 23rd, and is an insightful tale of the side of Demi Lovato that even her biggest fans may not be privy to. “I’ve had so much to say over the past two years of wanting to set the record straight about what it was that happened,” Demi Lovato said in the opening of the series. Right before the overdose, Lovato was already making a documentary. Although that project has been shelved, some of the original footage from that project can be seen in Dancing With the Devil. What she says is that the film she was making was one that did not truly tell the whole story. She stated in the current docuseries that she was only allowing cameras to see “the tip of the iceberg. I wasn’t showing them what I was doing behind closed doors.” 

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