Acting is not only about fame, big money, and thanking your family at the Oscars. Even if an actor has scored a promising role, it does not automatically mean that they will not be fired in a couple of weeks due to some outlandish or completely justified reason.

Here are nine famous actors who got shafted while the movie was still filming.

1. Anne Hathaway — Knocked Up

Initially, she accepted the role in this silly movie, but after a while, Anne refused to shoot more scenes. You should also know that the director was using a body double, and Anne would not show off any of her skin. Okay, technically, she quit, but let’s not get into semantics.

2. Christian Bale — American Psycho

Before becoming the best psycho, Christian Bale had to actually be fired first. You see, when Leonardo DiCaprio became interested in the script, there was no room for Bale or the director Mary Harron. But DiCaprio decided to go for a cold swim instead and chose to play Jack in the Titanic. After that, Bale was back on the table.

3. Harvey Keitel — Apocalypse Now

The protagonist, Captain Benjamin Willard, in Apocalypse Now was initially supposed to be played by Harvey Keitel, but after two weeks of filming, Coppola was very unhappy with the result, and Keitel got shafted. Thank goodness Martin Sheen was available!

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