Not many people realize just how much Princess Diana’s life and tragic death affected the world. She became an icon and eventually had movies made about her. That’s right, movies, as in multiple instances. One of those films is set to release in 2021, with Kristen Stewart as Lady Di. But before we get to see that fabulous incarnation, let’s take a look at some of the earlier versions.

1. Serena Scott-Thomas — “Diana: Her True Story” (1993)

Diana: Her True Story was released on NBC in 1993 and almost went unnoticed. This could be because the royal family’s real-life drama wasn’t much more interesting than any movie. Or maybe it was because the only thing in common Serena had with Diana was the lifeless stare.


2. Naomi Watts — “Diana: A Love Story” (2013)

Her wardrobe, hair, and makeup were carefully chosen to make Naomi resemble Diana as much as possible, but the actress did not pull her weight in this movie. Some reviewers even said that Wesley Snipes wearing a blonde wig would have been a better fit for this role. But I somehow doubt that.

3. Emma Corrin — “The Crown” (2020)

Emma is only 24 years old, but her age may have actually helped her beat the competitors for the role of Princess Diana in the fourth and fifth seasons of “The Crown.” Looking at Emma’s photos as Diana, the first thing you’ll notice is the makeup and hair. MUA and stylists have managed to achieve a striking similarity.

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