There are many lonely women among the famous actresses and singers. Some enjoy their freedom; others worry and dream of getting married as soon as possible. This list proves that if a girl is popular and looks too pretty to be single, there’s a good chance she actually is.

Here are seven celebs you won’t believe are single.

1. Selena Gomez

Although Selena Gomez is considered one of the sweetest, kindest, and most beautiful stars, for some reason, she has no luck when it comes to her personal life. After the infamous breakup with The Weeknd, she decided to return to Justin Bieber, but it didn’t work out. And ever since then, Selena either decided to stop looking or settled on living solo for a while, which is basically the same thing. Fewer distractions mean more productivity!

2. Jennifer Aniston

The star of the legendary “Friends” series has always been one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world. Despite a huge number of potential heartthrobs, Jenn only had the hots for Brad Pitt. But their marriage had a very disappointing finale. Only ten years later, Aniston went down the aisle again. This time Justin Theroux was her chosen man. But since she’s on this list, you know it did not last long. After two years of marriage, the couple decided to get a divorce, leaving Jennifer single.

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Jennifer Aniston
26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA – 19 Jan 2020

3. Charlize Theron

Would you believe that one of the most desirable women in Hollywood has never been married? Her life is filled with romantic shenanigans with famous men, but they all ended prematurely. Her longest relationship was with Sean Penn and lasted only a year. They were fighting all the time, then getting back together, then fighting again — it was a mess. Instead of waiting for the “One,” the actress adopted two children: the boy Jackson and the girl August. For several years now, nothing has been known about the actress’s personal life, but it’s safe to say she’s happier being single than she was with Penn.

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