There probably isn’t a single soul who has not heard about the sensational Netflix series called “The Squid Game.” The show made a splash all over the world, not just in South Korea. People sing the creepy song, buy pink clothes and jumpsuits similar to the main characters’ outfits, make memes, and are generally pretty obsessed with an okay show. Yes, you heard me: Squid Game is okay, IMHO. But it does deserve at least some credit for the brilliant acting and the score.

Let’s hear some interesting facts about the notorious Squid Game. Also, there may be some spoilers, so beware.

1. Breaking the World Record

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s nine-episode story premiered on Netflix on September 17. In just 10 days, the series topped the global ranking of the ten most-watched shows on Netflix. On October 13, Netflix tweeted that Squid Game was watched from 111 million accounts in 17 days. Previously, the record was held by the Bridgerton series, which was viewed from 82 million accounts in 28 days.

2. British schools vs. Squid Game

You can only imagine how many Red Light, Green Light games are being played in schools right now, and that’s one of the least harmful kids games from the show. The titular game is a lot crueler, however. According to teachers, primary school students play the squid game during recess and beat up the losers. The British schools are in a tough spot, but they decided that banning kids from watching the series will help. Clearly, they don’t know how kids operate.

3. Popularity by Word of Mouth

Interestingly, the creators did not invest a lot of money into advertising the Squid Game, but somehow it did incredibly well. It turns out that all you need today is a good word-of-mouth hype train, and you’re all set! TikTok users started clipping videos based on the series, and so the whole world learned about it. Moreover, the hashtag #squidgame has surpassed 32 billion views already!

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4. Netflıx wants to play the “Squid Game” in real life?

There is a rumor going around that Netflıx wants to host a real-life Squid Game. The rules have already been announced, and a selection is being made. Or at least that’s what “they” say. So, just like in the show, there will be 456 people in the game. Participants will also play for big money, and the event will be broadcasted to the whole world. If Netflix chickens out, maybe Mr. Beast will do it? We’ll see, but there are a lot of volunteers out there.

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