For a successful sitcom series, you need a fun premise, great comedy actors, even better writers, and a lot of top-tier cameos. These were the features that made us fall in love with Two and a Half Men. 18 years have passed since the Harper family first appeared on the screens, but the witty dialogues are still relevant to this day. There’s the rich womanizer Charlie Harper, his loser brother Alan, and the little guy Jake are an endless source of good jokes and cringey moments for the whole family.

Let’s have a look at what the charismatic actors who won our hearts look like today! And let’s just mention some of the most notorious cameos first!

1. Megan Fox

Megan needs no introductions. She was in Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, TMNT, The New Girl, and, of course, one single episode of Two and a Half Men. That was probably her best role so far. 

2. Lucy Lawless

Xena, the Warrior Princess, was Lucy’s bread and butter back in the 90s. Then came Spartacus, Agents of Shield, Ash vs. Evil Dead, all the way to 2021’s show My Life Is Murder. She’s still got it!

3. Miley Cyrus

Let’s be honest here, if Hanna Montana was the pinnacle of Miley’s acting career, no amount of money and/or drugs is going to change that. She appeared in 2 episodes of Two and a Half Men, where she left us with an unsavory aftertaste, but her TV career slowed down a lot after that, probably due to Miley’s busy schedule.

4. Ashton Kutcher

Surprisingly, Ashton Kutcher’s TV and movie career did not benefit from being on Two and a Half Men. In fact, that gig might have made things worse. Or maybe he’s just tired of being in the show business. Jobs was a nice little break for him, but after that, Ashton appeared in a couple of mediocre projects like the Ranch and Stonercats.

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