We’ve seen Disney characters in all possible situations. There were Princesses in historical painting, as goth chicks, genderswapped, and so on, but we’ve never seen those cartoon characters as if they were actors shooting movies with green screens, puppets, and all that jazz. Well, if you’ve ever wondered what that would be like, look no further!

A brilliant artist from Jakarta, Andhika Muksin, never ceases to amaze his fans and online followers. Pop culture, movies, TV shows, iconic horrors, and more are his favorite themes to work with. If you take your time to scroll through his Instagram account, you’ll notice he really loves altering shots from different cartoons, but he does not just draw famous Disney princesses and iconic scenes. Muksin has reimagined them in a hilariously pseudo-realistic way, demonstrating what the process of creating such bizarre cartoons would look like if they were shot like ordinary movies.

With a drop of imagination and a pinch of Photoshop, Muksin turned these curious ideas into reality. It’s like we’re walking through a kind of backstage of Disney cartoons and see how they were actually made. Here are 14 genius examples of Muksin’s work:

It’s just Ariel in a pool with a couple of green puppets.

Homemade scenery always looks cooler.

Imagine if horses weren’t actually horses, but green-clad people instead.

The small house was a prop all along!

The Little Mermaid had a little helper.

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