Kids can cheer up even the grumpiest, most poker-faced person if you give them a chance. This is probably why funny photos with children are always so popular among Internet users. No matter what shenanigans they’re up to, it’s just really fun to watch the chaos swirling around them, especially if you’re not the one who needs to clean up their mess afterward!

Here are 15 kids who are way funnier than you will ever be!

In China, this is how kids working in shady factories get their cut.

“Daddy, I left you a message on your car.” — poor kid, she had her whole life ahead of her.

When kids overhear you talking about hiding the treasure without knowing you were actually just DMing a D&D session.

Avatar of the Blue Paint bending tribe would like to apologize for blue-ing things up.

I am pretty sure that’s not normal, but it’s still funny!

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