When 2020 rolled into town, only a few people in the know were aware of what’s about to come — the great COVID-19 pandemic. This disease has made some radical changes in the life of billions of people on the planet and forced us to reevaluate our life principles and rearrange the top priorities.

Despite a large number of COVID-19 casualties, the world has been slowly healing, making baby steps towards squashing the virus. It took our researchers over a year to develop the first promising vaccines and then another six months to start shooting people up. You know how the story goes from there: people get skeptical mixing correlation with causation, don’t want to vaccinate, the virus keeps spreading, and in the end, only the strongest would have survived. Thankfully, we have amazing role models like actors, athletes, and other celebrities, who are not afraid to show everyone that vaccines aren’t the enemy.

Here are 28 out of many more celebs who have been leading by example, inspiring everyone to go get vaccinated!

Sir Anthony Hopkins

AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

Bill Gates

Blake Lively

Buzz Aldrin

Dalai Lama

Hugh Jackman

Sir Ian McKellen

Jeff Goldblum

Jessica Alba

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