If there’s ever a form of entertainment that has made huge leaps and bounds in the last decades, it’s video gaming. If you consider that half a century ago the pinnacle of gaming was moving your line to bounce back a block, hoping the other player wouldn’t be able to catch it with his line, it’s almost insane to imagine how far we’ll be in about 50 years. 

And while Pong will always be a classic, it has no place on today’s list. With the recent additions to the gaming world like haptic feedback, 4K resolution, 60 FPS and VR, let’s take a look at some games that are the most realistic so far.

1. Death Stranding

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s a Kojima game, so it’s never going to quite be realistic in the sense you’d expect. Unless tomorrow we end up in an apocalypse where the dead come back as floating ghosts that make people explode. But as for the gameplay mechanics of walking around with heavy boxes on your back, it just feels as unpleasant and straining as it would in real life, and the feeling of frustration when you’re fully packed, lose your balance and fall flat on your face as your luggage gets swept upstream in a deep river is just the realest emotion you can feel in gaming right now.

2. Amnesia

If you want to experience true fear and dread, this’ll be the game. If you play the game with headphones, you’ll hear phantom footsteps coming from all directions, heartbeat increases, and your teeth grinding. All because your character is slowly but surely going insane from being stuck in the dark trying to solve puzzles and get away from a weird monster. And you don’t even remember who you are.

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