There’s no many things in life harder than being a good boyfriend. And by that I mean actually being supportive and top of your game, not just “being in a relationship”. If you combine the fact that women can be very demanding and men are just, well, men, it’s no wonder that so few relationships actually make it.

Since we care, we decided we’d ask some real guys what it is that makes relationships work and what it really is that you need to do to be a good boyfriend. I’m sure it’s all tried-and-true stuff, check it out.

Pay Attention

And don’t just pay attention to her, pay attention to yourself as well. Notice her hair, notice her clothes, notice her perfume, notice you not having done the dishes for the third time in a row. Either of those could get you burnt, so be aware of everything at all times. Nothing is too small.

Let Her Take Control

Let her make the decisions next time you want to do something together. That place she’s always wanted to visit? Done. The restaurant she likes to go? Done. If you can afford it, she’s worth it. And let’s be honest: it’s so mentally relaxing to have someone else do the thinking for once.

Learn Her Language

No man alive is native in speaking woman, so learn how to understand her. That said, if you can clearly, positively, absolutely tell something is going on, and she says “nothing”, no one is going to blame you if every once in a while you pretend to believe her. If she wants you to fix the problem, the least she can do is identify it, right?

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