Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, 2022 you’ve all been seeing a lot about Ukraine in the news. A lot of it has naturally been about the Russian aggression and the suffering it’s causing in Ukraine. But apart from bombing our cities, Russia is also attacking our churches and museums, they’re trying to destroy not only our country and our people, but also our culture. Putin has been trying to rewrite history and erase our culture for years, he’s pushed the narrative of Ukraine being created by Russia. But the things he’s saying couldn’t be further from the truth. Kyiv, the city that is now the capital of Ukraine, has existed long before Russia was even created. Ukrainian culture runs thousands of years back. So today we’re going to share with you a few things you should know about Ukrainian culture. 

1. Kyiv 

Let’s start with the obvious, the capital of Ukraine — Kyiv. Many people abroad are confused about which is the correct way to spell the name of the city. Well, let me clear this up for you once and for all. Kiev, is the name that comes from the Russian interpretation of the name. But Ukraine has been independent for 30 years and it has its own language. Kyiv is the correct way to spell the name of the capital. Moreover, Kyiv was founded in AD 482 and named after Kyi, the founder of Kyiv and the Kyi dynasty. 


Vyshyvanka is an embroidered shirt that’s an important component of the Ukrainian national dress. The history of Ukrainian national dress is closely connected with the traditions of the Trypillia people and the principalities of Kyivan Rus’, which were on the territory of Ukraine. Each region of Ukraine has its own unique embroidery elements and style reflected in its vyshyvanka. Ukraine is famous for its embroidery all over the world, and embroidery on the territory of Ukraine has existed in the 5th century B.C.

This Tiktok is showing what real Ukrainian national dress looks like

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