We’ve heard about the “so bad it’s good” phenomenon in movies and to a lesser extent in music, but did you know there are video games that fit that bill too? Whether they’re a buggy mess, were just simply released unfinished, were based on a bad concept that completely missed its mark or are legendary for some other reason: these games are so bad you can’t help but love them. Let’s take a look!

Star Wars Episode I: Podracer

This game was as barebones as barebones gets. The environments were bland. The game had almost no characters. The pods themselves looked average at best for the time. But boy oh boy did we play this game for hundreds of hours? It’s a classic game in its own right, despite all its flaws. 

Spyro: Enter The Dragon

Oh man, how do I say this. The second Spyro game was flat-out bad. It had all the things you’d expect from a platformer along with those classic early PS2 era controls. Yeah, the biggest difficulty this game had was trying to actually play the game. Apart from that, nothing was really memorable about it. Character design was weird at best, voice-overs were horrible, … But we all completed it, didn’t we?

Shadow the Hedgehog

Imagine Sonic running around with a gun. And shooting things. We know Shadow is supposed to be the edgy one, but Jesus Christ did they go overboard with it. It’s still an amazing game though, if you don’t mind constantly thinking “why is this a thing”.

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