No matter where life takes you, your relationship with your mother will always be special. This is especially true if you are fortunate enough to have a mother who is a great parent and supporter. Your mom represents a home to return to regardless of the trial and tribulations you may face out in the world. Having a love and strong bond with the mother figure in one’s life is true for celebrities as well. Through different celebrity events and glimpses into the lives of the famous, we can see that many stars have a very special connection with their mothers. It’s amazing to witness them publicly acknowledging their love for their moms. To see these beautiful relationships for yourself, check out these 7 celebs who have a special bond with their mothers and show it to the whole world. 

Rami Malek & Nelly Malek

Rami Malek is great friends with his mother Nelly Malek. When he won the Oscar award for Best Actor for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody, he was so excited to thank his mother. You can tell she is high on his priority list, as she was the very first person he shouted out. When it came time to do his acceptance speech, he said, “Oh, I can’t… my Mom is in here somewhere. Oh, I, oh, I love you! I love you, lady!”

Reese Witherspoon and Betty Reese

On one Mother’s Day, Reese discussed the love of her mother. She said that the best part of her day is whenever she is able to speak to her mom. Reese said, “Her wisdom, her smile, her gracious laughing at my dumb jokes. Every day is better when I see her face. I can’t wait to hug her again! It’s one thing I miss the most. For those of you who can, hug your Mom today!”

Timothée Chalamet & Nicole Flender

In just 25 short years on Earth, Timothée has managed to accomplish some amazing things —having won staggering 40 awards and 87 nominations. He is sure to thank his mom when he is in the spotlight for his accomplishments. In one of his speeches, he said, “She’s the reason I’m alive, she’s the reason I have an acting career. Mom, I love you!”

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