When you start going out with someone, it’s usually all fireworks and rainbows — it’s everything you’ve always dreamed of and then some. But one day, you may start having doubts about the relationship, and it’s often for a reason. Are you sure your love is true? What about your partner’s feelings? Are they faking it?

Let’s try and figure out the red flags of fake love.

1. No more sparks

People can be attracted to each other, but this does not necessarily mean sparks are flying between them. How can one be sure there is that “spark” anyway? If you have a strong gut-twisting feeling that usually acts up when your partner is not around and then immediately goes away as soon as you’re with them — that’s a spark. And if your relationship lacks this feeling, then what you’re going through is probably not true love.

2. No more compliments

We all need compliments from our soul mates to feel loved, appreciated, and respected. Compliments can instantly improve mood and boost self-esteem, especially when they come from the heart. So if you suddenly stopped getting compliments from your partner, then perhaps you should take a closer look at your relationship.

3. Being ignored

We all sometimes need to have some alone time, even in a relationship. But when a partner demands too much personal space, this should be your wake-up call. No matter how busy your partner is, they should have time for you since you are now a part of their life. That’s what true love is.

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