When you think of the most iconic characters in a certain TV show, they’ll usually have a recognizable face. In fact, with how shallow Hollywood has become, they’ll probably specifically be cast more for looks than for acting chops alone. So in that sense, it’s hard to imagine having a big character in a show never actually show their face on screen.

It doesn’t happen too often, but there’s a few shows out there that have risked having an invisible character on the roster. Let’s take a look at some of these characters, where you just won’t be able to put a face on them.

Charlie – Charlie’s Angels

Considering how many interactions there are between the main characters and Charlie, it’s pretty weird that he never shows his face. It does fit the spy theme, as no one is allowed to know what Charlie actually looks like – not even the viewers.

Ugly Naked Guy – Friends

All the things we know from Ugly Naked Guy, we know from the gang essentially spying on him from across the street. He comes up in quite a few episodes up to season 5, where I guess there were no more jokes to tell and the creators decided to have him move to a different, far away apartment.

Vera Peterson – Cheers

Every Cheers viewer will definitely remember Norm and what he looks like, but his wife Vera is another thing altogether. We only know things about her because Norm calls her on the phone frequently while sitting at the bar. Fun fact: the woman that voices Norm’s wife, is actually the real-life wife of George Wendt, the actor that plays Norm.

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