Every relationship starts fresh and fun, but after a while, both partners have to work on their habits and emotions to build trust. This can get very tedious at times, but there’s more than one way to sprinkle some posi vibes even during the hardest moments.

1. Compliments

Oftentimes, a few words of support will help your partner get over that thing they’ve been dwelling on for days. Kind words will make them feel loved and appreciated. And telling them their butt looks great will certainly cheer them up if they’re in a bad mood. In short, focus on the positives, and don’t worry about the small stuff. It’s important to know that even if you keep using the same compliments, it’ll also work.

2. Let go of your anger

Anger is a relationship killer. It makes you self-centered and prevents you from seeing the good around you. If you’re angry with your partner, give yourself some time to calm down, take a step back, and discuss what’s going on.

3. Speak your mind

You have to take the plunge and share what’s really going on in your hearts and minds. If your partner doesn’t know how you feel, then you must initiate the conversation, just remember the previous step — let go of your anger first. It’s one of the hardest tricks to master, but you will be much happier when speaking the truth.

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