If you look at it objectively, most movies are pretty straightforward and boring. No matter how impossible the odds, they always end up with the good guy hanging by a thread and beating the bad guys in the last ten minutes.

But thankfully, some movies break this mold and surprise audiences by letting the bad guy win for once. It makes the movies feel a lot more realistic and impactful. Let’s take a look at some of the best movies where the bad guy ends up winning.


No matter how hard those people try to make it out of the death puzzles alive, they just can’t pull it off. The Jigsaw killer has pretty much always won, despite being genuinely evil. Sure, he can claim he’s giving them a fair chance, but most of those devices and traps just seem like unnecessarily cruel torture instead of a fun riddle to solve with some friends.


It’s hard to not root for Samuel L. Jackson, and thankfully in this movie you only find out he’s the actual bad guy right at the time when you find out he got what he wanted. The disappointment of his character, Mr. Glass, being an evil mastermind gets immediately countered by how happy you are that Sam Jackson gets to win.

Ex Machina

The problem with artificial intelligence is that humans generally aren’t smart. That is setting the bar for artificial lifeforms very low if they want to outsmart us. Naturally, that’s exactly what happens in Ex Machina and the last fifteen minutes of that movie are so mind-blowing it should be illegal. And who knows, maybe this article was also written by an AI. You’ll never know.

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