Many inventions are designed to make our daily lives easier. A lot of those new inventions were patented by men, which statistically speaking, means that some of the products for women were also invented by them. It doesn’t matter if their end goal was to get rich, famous, or help women, these genius inventions are extremely useful, and many of them have barely changed their design in decades.

1. Hair conditioner

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French perfumer Edouard Pinaud brought his new invention to the World Exhibition in Paris — a mustache and beard softener. It contained special oils and did a better job at conditioning the hair. At one point, the hair conditioner became a staple of every woman’s daily routine, and now it’s being used by men, women, probably dogs, — just anything with hair.

2. Handbags

This women’s accessory was also invented by a man. Samuel Parkinson and his wife were going on a trip, and he noticed that the regular textile bag that ladies usually took with them for personal items might not survive a long journey. He decided to try something different and ordered several smaller bags of different sizes from his tanner — H.J. Cave. We can only imagine how excited Parkinson’s wife was when she got those one-of-a-kind designer handbags.

3. Bobby pins

These little metal thingies always get lost and are never around when you need them. Also, according to Hollywood, bobby pins are the best lockpicks money can buy. So who invented them, and why are they called “bobby” pins? Remember those good old times in the 50s when every other woman was rocking bobbed haircuts? Me neither, but Luis Marcus was in part responsible for that, as he invented these pins for that specific hairstyle.

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