Breaking up with a loved one is a serious test of will. But you can make it even more unbearable if you do all kinds of stupid things listed below. Just remember this is a hugely generalized set of situations, not an answer to all your problems, okay? Let’s see which things you should avoid after a breakup.

Stop messaging your ex

You’ll get the urge to message your ex to see how they are doing or tell them what messed up thing Karen did in the office today. But it’s not worth killing your mental health, especially if they’re ghosting you or leaving you on “read.” Trust me, they definitely saw those last ten messages — time to move on.

Stop seeing each other

Your brain may disguise it as “hanging out with friends.” Five minutes later, and you are already going to the cinema, planning a party, arranging D&D sessions, etc. This only makes your emotional attachment worse. Plus, you’d be forcing yourself to go through incredibly unpleasant situations while simultaneously trying to accept that the relationship no longer works. Stop it right this second!

Do not stalk your ex

We’re talking both physically stalking and refreshing their profile page every five seconds. One of those is only a little bit sad, while the other one can get you arrested. In both cases, you hope that your ex is still not over you, and, most likely, they’ve already moved on from the breakup and got a new partner. Unless you’re a masochist, stop following your former love interest at least until you find some peace.

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