There are days when you shouldn’t go outside, especially when you end up in the middle of a rescue operation because your thick tushy got stuck in a wall. These are some bizarre and very embarrassing situations where people got stuck.

1. Prison Wall

One of the Brazilian prisoners decided he wasn’t going to wait for the end of his sentence, so he took matters into his own hands and used a metal shower pipe to dig a hole in the wall. However, the hole in the wall turned out to be too small, and he got stuck inside. The whole prison was laughing on that day, especially the guards who first noticed the poor escapee. In a different prison, another prisoner also tried his luck with holes. This time the felon dug a hole leading to the lower floor, but something went wrong. After some time, the guards heard his screams and rushed to the rescue.

2. Washing Machine

Sometimes playing hide-and-seek can backfire. In 2014, a dude in Melbourne climbed naked into a top-loading washing machine to surprise his significant other. But, unfortunately, he could not get out of there. Rescuers were able to free him only by generously greasing him with olive oil. After this incident, the police advised everyone not to get into household appliances, but what do you know? A year later, another Aussie got stuck in a front-loading washing machine.

3. Baby Swing

If your friends ask you to get into a children’s swing in a public park, you really should say no. Case in point, an individual from Vallejo, California, who managed to slide into the swing using liquid soap but was unable to get out. When his legs began to swell, his friends abandoned him for the whole night. The man was rescued only after 9 hours, but lucky for him, he only received non-life-threatening injuries.

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