Unlike forests and jungles, cities filled with concrete buildings aren’t really the best environment for wild animals. At least not until you take into account all the pros and cons. This whole time it was us, humans, who invaded their homes, and now it’s time to pay for our audacity.

Here are eight examples where wild animals invaded our cities.

1. Leopards in Mumbai
According to the recent sightings, at least 47 leopards are hiding in parks and forested areas. You may think, “eh, there are over 20 million people living in Mumbai, so who cares?” As it turns out, the murder kitties don’t really care for humans and prefer hunting dogs and occasional pigs. But just in case, you shouldn’t hang out alone at night.

2. Bears in Aspen
You may think that bears are dumb and clumsy creatures, but they’re actually smart enough to figure out how to open trash bins, climb balconies, and even get inside cars and apartments. Yes, they can break into your house and eat your cold pizza from the fridge! The bears are so fearless, they just stroll down the street and eat whatever they want. Some break into cars in search of food and mess up the vehicle from the inside.

3. Pythons in Bangkok Sewers
Bangkok is a sprawling Megapolis with millions of people living inside their fancy skyscrapers, not giving a hoot about anything. That is, of course, until 7-foot pythons start crawling out of their toilets. The sewers are warm, moist, and, most importantly, full of juicy rats, so the snakes have made their choice. Jungles are for losers anyway, right? 

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