Many TV shows can run for decades, and it is fascinating to watch how your favorite characters grow up and even grow old. Even though the makeup artists are using every trick in their vast arsenal, the actors will get more and more wrinkles as the seasons go by. But that’s just life, right? Since there’s no such thing as eternal youth, we get to witness our favorite actors and actresses getting older year after year.

Let’s take a look at these nine iconic TV characters in their first episodes!

1. Penny — The Big Bang Theory

Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, has gone from a cute country girl who kept stealing Leonard and Sheldon’s wi-fi, to a gorgeous Cheesecake Factory employee who in the end married Leonard and is still stealing his wi-fi. Look how far she’s come!

2. Rachel Green — Friends

One of the most iconic American sitcom characters of the 90s has got to be Rachel from Friends. From the very first moments, the viewers fell in love with her charisma and unparalleled beauty. Even today, Jennifer Aniston looks quite stunning, and she’s 52 years old.

3. Walter White — Breaking Bad

That’s right, it’s our favorite chemistry teacher — Mr. White! He went from teaching kids how to make soda volcanoes to becoming the greatest drug lord in America.

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