After appearing in the 1997 movie “Selena,” Jennifer Lopez, who used to be a simple girl from the Bronx, suddenly woke up famous. In just a couple of years, JLo has gone from an unknown Latin American singer to a major music award winner and one of the sexiest women in the world. Whatever your opinion is on her music, it can’t be denied that her fashion sense is completely out of this world.

So let’s take a very close look at some of the most memorable outfits JLo has ever worn.

1. Lace Dress by Zuhair Murad

Every year Jenny’s dresses on the red carpet become more and more elegant. By 2013, she had already given birth to the twins, and it was a completely different Jen. One good look at this dress is enough to make your heart beat faster. Back then, JLo had already decided on her favorite fashion designer for the red carpet — Zuhair Murad.

2. Puffy Skirt by Christian Dior

By 2013, Jen had released five studio albums and went all-in on the acting appearing in multiple movies. This was the year when she was given a personalized star on the Walk of Fame, and as you can see, she dressed up appropriately for the occasion.

3. Versace White Pant Dress

White is Jennifer’s favorite color, and she’s ready to wear it all day, every day. Like, here, Lopez dons a glorious white dress with a sexy cut but still manages to make it look casual.

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