While self-medication among humans is generally frowned upon (probably due to the fact that it never has anything to do with staying healthy), the animal world is full of examples of creatures using Mother Nature’s natural resources to keep healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive ones.

House Sparrows

While most animals will use plants and the like to self-medicate, the house sparrows have some pretty ingenious ways to boost their health. They’ve discovered that cigarette buds have nicotine in it, which is a perfect deterrent for mites. By putting these in their nests, they can keep them mite-free relatively easy.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Even the smallest creatures on this planet will find ways to boost their health when needed. The woolly bear caterpillar actually singles out plants that have certain toxins in them that would kill parasitic tachinid flies. By eating these plants specifically, they can reduce their chances of infection and increase their own health.


This species is known for carrying their babies around through the jungle. The mothers have developed a method of chewing medicinal plants into a paste and then rubbing it over their arms, which works like a pain-easing balm would. 

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