When it comes to weird stuff, there aren’t many brains as messed up as SuckerTom’s. For his insane pics, he seems to draw inspiration from nature, television, and especially the stupid Internet memes.  

As you may have guessed, SuckerTom is a trash content creator whose works aren’t the most wholesome art projects, but they sure can get surprisingly deep and controversial at times. In one of the interviews, Tom claimed that his content could be viewed as brain trash, satire, or completely meaningless crap, depending on who you ask.

1. Wow! The future of America looks incredibly bleak. I can hardly wait to see JB run for POTUS.

2. Those cosmetics commercials are getting weirder and weirder. What is this, banana-flavored leg shaving cream?

3. It’s either a mutated chill pill or a depressed minion. Probably the latter.

4. It’s the year 3021. Lunar Uber is picking up a Moon worker from a late shift.

5. No clue what the meaning behind this one is, but we’ll give it a big thumbs up! Maybe it’s a new social network?

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