A smile is such an important thing when you’re meeting other people. It can show whatever emotion you want it to, and it’ll help the people you’re talking to gauge your emotional state of mind. Sometimes, though, genetics will screw you over with a smile that only a mother could love. 

Let’s take a look at some celebrities that have a less than perfect smile, but still managed to make it work anyway.

50 Cent

Luckily, there’s no rule in rap music about your gums-to-teeth ratio, so 50 Cent picked the perfect career to support his smile. Also, in a business where Snoop Dogg and Xzibit can land a career, who cares about looks anyway?

Anna Paquin

Objectively speaking Anna doesn’t have the best of smiles, but it has somewhat become her trademark and part of her look. In fact, it turned her into one of the more recognizable actresses in her generation.

Keira Knightley

Looking like she’s midway through turning into a vampire hasn’t stopped Keira Knightley one bit in becoming one of the most attractive women on the planet. 

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