Donald Trump is well-known for many things, including knowing how to do business. Trump may not be the smartest pea in the pod, but he sure knows how to make money out of seemingly thin air. Former US President had dipped his toes in hundreds of different ventures before he decided to run for office, but even after his time ran out, Trump was sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in liquid assets.

It’s true that Trump is no longer one of the world’s wealthiest people, only reaching Forbes 400 richest American ranking, but this guy has been quietly churning out millions of dollars for months now! He’s probably climbed quite a few positions on that list, as he only needed about $500 mil to get back into the big league again. So how did Trump manage to get filthy rich this time around? He wrote a book. Well, “wrote” is an exaggeration, but you’ll get it.

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