Usually, Hollywood movies and TV shows use older, more experienced actors to portray younger characters, but on very rare occasions, they do the opposite.

Here are 8 actors who were much younger than their on-screen characters.

1. Brad Pitt — Curious Case of Benjamin Button

According to the plot of the movie, Pitt’s character Benjamin Button had an unusual condition where he’d grow older much faster than a regular person. This, of course, means that he’d need to play an old man. Thankfully, the VFX and CGI made it possible for a 45-year-old actor to appear as an 80-year-old grandpa.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio — J. Edgar

It’s been scientifically proven that Leo is a god-tier actor and can ace any role he’s given. By the end of the movie, DiCaprio changed so much that even the crew could hardly recognize him in all the makeup. He went from looking 30 to 77 in less than an hour!

3. Jennifer Lawrence — Joy

In the movie Joy, the 24-year-old Jennifer Lawrence plays a 34-year-old character, Joy Mangano. And a couple of years before that, Jenn starred in Silver Linings Playbook, where she played a 30-something-year-old! What’s stunning is that she got Oscar nominations for both of those movies.

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