By the age of 35, Lindsay Lohan has been through so much even the wildest rock stars would be put to shame. She started a modeling career at age three, became one of the most promising young actresses of her generation, released a couple of music albums, launched a fashion brand, ruined her brilliant career, ended up in jail, screwed up rehab programs several times, wanted to go to war in Iraq, supported Harvey Weinstein, got caught stealing jewellery, and other things we will never hear about. But that was then; now, she seems determined to regain her good name.

In the late 1990s, Lindsay starred in the iconic comedy The Parent Trap and immediately became the main competition to the Olsen twins. After the first success, Lindsay appeared in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, which made her the queen of teen comedies. Despite the silliness of the genre, industry professionals saw potential in Lindsay and compared her to the young Jodie Foster.

In 2002, she also decided she could sing and signed a contract with Emilio Estefan. However, not too long after that, Lohan signed a new contract with Casablanca Records, which released her first album  — Speak. The album never reached the top of the music charts but was still quite popular, although critics noted that Lindsay should stick to acting.

The problems started popping up at the end of 2004. Lindsay broke up with her boyfriend, ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection, and then went clubbing with Paris Hilton every other night while essentially living in a hotel. Every following year or so, Lindsay would do something stupid that would bring harm not only to her health but also to the movies she starred in.

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