If there’s ever been a pop star of whom we just can’t understand that she’s had such a rough road when it comes to finding love, it’s probably Lady Gaga. She’s one of the most eccentric stars of her generation and has sold millions of records in loads of music styles.

Lady Gaga herself claims that her big milestones when it comes to her career have always gone hand in hand with losing someone. She considers it a turnover of sorts, but she does admit that her personal life suffers a lot from her success. Let’s take a look at some of the people Lady Gaga has dated since her rise to fame.

Taylor Kinney

As much as the movie A Star Is Born was a huge success, it did go hand in hand with Lady Gaga’s relationship with Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney ending. They broke up in June 2016 and were engaged at the time.

Matthew Williams

Lady Gaga’s relationship with Matthew Williams, the current creative director of Givenchy, ended around the time she sold 10 million records. They’d started dating back in 2009, when Matthew was her creative director, thinking up all her memorable weird looks from around that time.

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