Movies have a way of stretching the imagination to the point of actually making it believable. They mix in things we know from the real world with elements that are borderline impossible, but blend it so perfectly that for 90 to 120 minutes you gaze at the screen in awe, believing that it could be real somehow.

Let’s suspend our disbelief for a few minutes and take a look at some movie universes that would be nothing short of awesome to live in.

Harry Potter

There’s a small caveat with this one: it would only be cool to live in the Harry Potter universe if you’re an actual wizard. If you’re just going to be a filthy muggle, there’s pretty much no difference between the fantasy world of Harry Potter and real life. And real life just isn’t all that fun.

Back to the Future

Even if you’re not a main character in this movie, didn’t the future in this movie feel a lot cooler than the reality we got today? We still don’t have hoverboards or time travel, which just makes me disappointed in product R&D and physicists in equal measure. You had one job, guys.

The Big Lebowski

Reality doesn’t need to make huge changes to be more appealing than it already is. Imagine life revolving around going bowling with your slightly disturbed friends and never being able to walk into a house where they don’t have White Russians ready to be consumed in huge volumes.

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