As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is ever evolving as new variants, vaccines and knowledge of the virus continue to develop. As the world is still trying to adapt to a current variant, new ones continuously appear and require an immediate adjustment to understand its similarities and differences. The latest variant that has arisen is a subvariant of the original Omicron variant: BA.5, also known as the Ninja Covid variant. And what many experts are saying about this variant is pretty alarming: this variant is one of the worst so far. Read on to learn more about this developing story, and the current facts we know now about the Ninja Covid variant. 

The BA.5 subvariant first became known in viral samples in South Africa back in February. It only took a few months before it was the dominant variant in both Europe and Israel. By June it was responsible for increasing the daily global COVID case count up to around 820,000 per week. 

Many experts are saying that this variant is by far the most contagious so far. The way this variant’s contagious nature works is by dodging the preexisting antibodies our immune systems have built up. This means more breakthrough cases and repeat infections for many people. 

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