Plus size fashion is getting more and more attention, which we can only be grateful for. Too long have women with body types that don’t adhere to the fashion norm been feeling like second-rate citizens, and I think it’s a lovely thing that we can now turn beauty into more than just the number that pops up when you stand on a scale.

And with the rise of plus size models, there’s also been new representation of plus size models from all possible ethnicities. Let’s take a look at these brave women and their amazing fashion sense!

Priscilla Katerena

This gorgeous woman is of Samoan descent (yes, like The Rock). The main focus of this model is to increase awareness that there’s more to ethnicity than just white, black or exotic. Priscilla wants to be a role model for all Samoan or Polynesian girls that grow up, so they can look up to or identify with someone from their own ethnicity.

Aarti Olivia

This Singapore-Indian fashionista has a unique style that pretty much forces you to pay attention and adapt parts of her style into your own. She’s not scared of wearing eye-catching prints on her clothing, and neither should she be. She looks like such a radiant personality!

Bishamber Das

This British plus-size model has Indian roots which clearly show in her looks. On her Instagram page you can see all her amazing pictures, and it really shows that she is indeed a very fashionable lady. And when she’s not inspiring people with her clothing, she’ll inspire you with her gorgeous travel locations.

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