The love affairs of “I’m-Buying-Twitter-Oh-Wait-I’m-Not,” Elon Musk, are as impressive in their scope as his remarkably big brain. He’s played the field for decades, and let’s just say the virility of his “boys” is off the charts. How else would you explain the fact that Elon Musk is a father to not one, not two, but nine children?

He’s got twins, triplets, surrogate kids, and a few little ones with weird names. There’s something for everyone! Now let’s see what his offsprings are all about.


The firstborn of our excentric millionaire and writer Justine Wilson, named Nevada, was born in 2002. That’s about the time when Musk founded SpaceX. The name of the businessman’s first son is rarely mentioned in the media because Nevada passed away mere weeks after his birth.

Griffin and Xavier

To prevent the previous tragedy from happening again, Musk and his first wife decided to resort to the IVF procedure. And so, in 2004, they were blessed with twins — Griffin and Xavier. Griffin Musk followed in his father’s footsteps and is now also involved in scientific activities and rarely appears at public events, so there is little information about his personal life.

But Xavier has serious disagreements with his father. Recently, Musk’s 20-year-old son announced his gender change. According to Vivian (Xavier’s new name), she wants nothing to do with her biological father.

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