Although technology has gotten us to where we are today, do you ever wish that you could just take a time machine back to certain iconic eras? There’s no denying that the 1970s was one of those magical times. Coming out of the free love from the 60s, the 70s continued that trend with passion — it was a carefree decade of glitter, Studio 54 partying, amazing music and even better clothes. Fortunately, there’s a certain Instagram account that was created specifically to pay homage to these incredible blasts from the past. Here are all the best moments of the 1970s that are almost as good as going back in time.

Does anything define the 70s more than Jimi Hendrix? There was nobody cooler than this musician back in the day Although this was technically a couple of years early from 1967, he’s already oozing that 70s energy in the photograph.  

Here’s a shot of a young Mick Jagger on tour back in 1972. It’s safe to say that girls and boys all over were obsessed with this handsome rockstar, and with that feathered hair, he’s certainly giving Jane Fonda a run for her money. 

Ah, the classic heart-shaped tubs of the 1970s. Perfectly tacky and filled with nostalgia. Would you take a bath in a heart-shaped tub today? These newlyweds are enjoying some special time in a hotel called Poconos Palace in 1971.

David Bowie helped break gender boundaries and make it more socially acceptable for men to wear makeup and extravagant outfits. Along with being a music icon, he was clearly a fashion icon – I mean, look at that flaming crotch!

Diana Ross was everything back in the day, and seeing her in a monochromatic purple Bob Mackie dress is almost more than we can handle. Combined with an elegant purple fur and turban wrap, this ’75 moment might just be the chicest thing out of the 1970s. 

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