It’s been almost nine years since the first Hunger Games movie was released on March 23, 2012. Over these past nine years, its actors have starred in many other incredible projects and even managed to arrange their personal lives. So let’s see where the cast of the Hunger Games is now!

1. Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen)

You may remember Willow as Katniss’s younger sister. Shields played the main character in the 2020 sports drama Spinning Out, which, unfortunately, got canceled after the first season. Aside from that, Willow is also the youngest member of Dancing with the Stars, where she appeared in season 20.

2. Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket)

After her stellar performance in the Hunger Games, Banks focused more on directing and producing. Unfortunately, she appeared in the controversial Charlie’s Angels reboot, along with Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott. That was a bad decision.

3. Toby Jones (Claudius Templesmith)

Claudius was the announcer at the Hunger Games and shoutcast about what was happening in the arena. He’s best known to the Marvel fans as Arnim Zola — a Nazi scientist from the Captain America movies, who may or may not be still alive out there. Toby also played the greedy auctioneer, Mr. Eversoil, who tried to make a fortune selling live dinosaurs in Jurassic World II.

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