At the beginning of the century, the careers of some of these actors and actresses started skyrocketing, while others were already at the peak of their popularity. The whole world followed their adventures on-screen, and some of us even had posters of them plastered all over our bedrooms.

We’ll always remember our favorite movies and characters as young, hot, and full of vigor; however, no matter how much they try, nothing can stop time. Some managed to keep their charm thanks to god-like genes, while others relied on plastic surgeons or just the good-old aging process. No matter what, it’s always interesting to remember what iconic actors and actresses looked like back then and what they are like now.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

During the filming of “The Beach,” Leo DiCaprio was at the peak of his popularity after the success of the “Titanic.” Fans of the young actor eagerly awaited his new movie, and they were rather disappointed. “The Beach” was not well received by critics or the public, but Leo pulled through and is still very active in Hollywood.

2. Cameron Diaz

In the early 2000s, Cameron Diaz starred in several high-grossing projects almost every year. She became a big star after the release of “The Mask,” and after that, every movie with her brought millions of dollars to the box office. But in 2014, Cameron retired from acting. Some believe that the last straw for her was the comedy “Home Video,” but Cameron said she was tired of the grind and the pesky paparazzi.

3. Brad Pitt

“Fight Club” opened the door to showbiz for Brad Pitt wide-open. Before “Fight Club,” he was treated as more of a romantic type, but after showing the world he could do more, there was no turning back.

4. Sandra Bullock

The 2000 movie “Miss Congeniality” tells a story about an FBI agent going undercover to stop the terrorists threatening to blow up the beauty pageant. It’s nothing mind-blowing, but it was enough to re-establish Sandra as the quirky badass. And looking at her recent photos, she would still win that competition!

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