Although many pop singers come and go through the industry, there are some that become iconic and leave a legacy behind, elevating them to goddess-like pop diva status. Some would argue that these female musicians carried the music industry, dominating charts and radio stations for decades. Here are the top 10 music divas of all time. 

1. Christina Aguilera

A pop music diva with a soulful voice, Christina got “Dirrty” back in 2002 and released a series of bangers ever since. Although she started out on the Mickey Mouse Club, she quickly shed that good girl image and pushed creative and musical boundaries. Her tracks show off her impressive voice, which still stands as one of the best in the industry. Over two decades later, she’s still performing and showing off those killer vocal chops.

2. Beyoncé  Knowles

Although she’s also the queen of R&B, there’s no denying that Beyoncé  reigns on the pop charts. Her superstar quality was clear ever since she was in Destiny’s Child. After launching her solo career, Beyoncé  went on to win a total of 28 Grammys — her first one was at just 19 years old. Today, she’s still setting the trends, going out of her comfort zone, and developing new sounds.

3. Madonna 

She might not be as trendy now as she was back in the day, but there’s no denying that Madonna is one of the pop pioneers of our world. She was considered extremely edgy when compared to more wholesome pop icons like Michael Jackson, and was one of the first women in the 1980s and its male-dominated pop music industry. While she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, she’s still considered an A-list celebrities and has put out music in recent years. 

4. Mariah Carey

A pop diva on all accounts, Mariah Carey has a five-octave vocal range that many would love to have. Her angelic voice first came on the scene In the early 90s with hits like Always be My Baby and Fantasy. Once honored by the World Music Awards as the best-selling female pop artist of the millennium, Carey just kept on shattering records, with her U.S. number-one singles.  

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