Pirates happen to be some of the most controversial characters in all of history. Some see them as cool bad guys fighting each other and gnarly sea creatures, while others see them as robbers and murderers who know no boundaries in their search for the epic booty. And there’s one important thing they all had in common — badass pirate ships.

Here are the top nine legendary pirate ships you would probably not want to board.

1. Adventure

The Adventure was a flagship of the legendary pirate Captain William Kidd. It was a frigate galley equipped with special oars that made it easier to maneuver the vessel during storms, but it also had big sails for the calm weather. The Adventure’s crew counted over 150 scurvy rats that were always up for some abordage shenanigans.

2. Queen Anne’s Revenge

Queen Anne’s Revenge was the legendary vessel of the infamous Captain Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. Until 1717, this ship had a different name – “Concorde,” but the reason why Teach changed it still remains a mystery. Some think that it was his nostalgia for the past, when Teach was in the navy during Queen Anne’s reign.

3. Whydah

The famous flagship “Whydah” was in the hands of Black Sam Bellamy. Historians claim that the ship was named in honor of the city of Ouidah, located on the territory of modern Benin. The vessel was first hit the water in 1715 in London and was intended to transport slaves from Africa. Unlucky for Black Sam and his crew, the ship was eventually caught in a storm, leaving only the barely-breathing captain and a handful of crew members adrift.

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