Some horror movies will inevitably linger in your subconsciousness and plunge it into a state of pure existential horror. Not all of these scary flicks are masterpieces, but each of them deserves a chance, especially if you’re a connoisseur of the chilling atmosphere, intense plot, or, at the very least, cheap jumpscares.

There’s something for everyone in the horror genre, and if you are the rare type who likes to tickle your nerves, take a look at this list of fairly recent horror flicks.

1. Train to Busan: Peninsula (2020)

The sequel to the famous action-horror flick about the outbreak of a dangerous virus that turns people into bloodthirsty and thoughtless zombies did not meet the fans’ expectations. The events of the second movie take place four years later. The main protagonist, a soldier, is trying to evacuate his sister’s family from the quarantine zone, but things are not going as planned. Yes, we mean zombies. Peninsula is more of a spinoff of the original. There is no train here, and we will not see the characters from the first movie. Despite all the shortcomings, the movie turned out to be quite memorable and is a must-watch!

2. Get Gone (2019)

A group of youngsters who are fond of exposing all sorts of hoaxes go to the wilderness to relax and, at the same time, learn more about the mysterious Maxwell family, who’s been living on state property for decades. The group is faced with many horrific revelations and gruesome scenes, and while they’re trying to help the Maxwells go back to normal, things are getting spicy.

3. The House That Jack Built (2018)

On his journey to hell, Jack is accompanied by an old man named Verge. Jack tells him his twisted story of how he tortured and killed his victims for no other reason than to quench his sadistic thirst and test out his murder gadgets. Each new murder he commits is unlike the previous one, and over the next twelve years, he perfects his bloody “art.”

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