Thousands of ships that went missing during WWI and WWII found their last refuge deep under the ocean waves. Researchers have discovered the exact or approximate locations of at least a few hundred vessels, but the fate of some still remains a mystery.

Search expeditions scour the waters of the world’s oceans, checking the archives in the hope of finding information pointing to the location of this or that ship. One such discovery was made in 2019, in Japanese waters by the research project “Lost 52,” which aims to find all 52 submarines that disappeared during World War II. One of those subs was the USS Grayback (SS-208), which became the last refuge for 80 crew members and was the first one found in Japanese waters, 435 meters under the surface.

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Using the latest cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV and ROV) and fancy camera equipment, allowed the team to get all the available data and take the best shots of the wrecks. USS “Grayback” was a Tambor-class submarine launched on 01/31/1941 and was under the command of Lieutenant Commander John Anderson Moore and was one of the deadliest submarines during World War II. In ten combat patrols, she sank 14 ships, including an Imperial Japanese Navy submarine at the very beginning of the war.

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