During childhood, time drags so slowly it seems that everything is still to come, and life will be eternal. But as we age, the weeks, days and hours unfortunately insanely rush past us. Over the years many of us start realizing how important it is to learn to accept our imperfections and to love the closest people; how important it is to learn how to choose what makes us happy, to fight for what seems worth fighting for, and enjoy life – simply because we live only ones.

When you turn 30 you start thinking of life in a slightly different way, because you, on the one hand, already have life experience and, on the other, have a lot of life ahead of you to live, dreams to fulfill, people to love, places to go!

There are so many lessons I wish I had learned when I was younger. Unfortunately, it always happens that you realize essential truth only when the mistake is already made.
Read my list of things that every girl should know before turning 30 and maybe you will avoid those mistakes.

So, you should know …
1. That Love is being true to yourself
2. That living alone is a great experience and perfect time to get to know yourself better
3. That your childhood is over, no matter how good or bad it was
4. What you should and shouldn’t do for money
5. How to party hard with no harm to your health

6. That you shouldn’t take anything personally
7. How to break up or quit the job without ruining relationships
8. When to stop trying and walk away
9. Sleeping with your best friend will either end up with marriage or tears
10. That you may lose your friends but your parents will always be with you. Set priorities

11. That you are the one to decide whether you want to have kids
12. That you shouldn’t judge anyone
13. That you will really regret if you didn’t travel a lot
14. That good fortune smiles favorably on optimists
15. How to plant a tree or grow plants

16. What you are good at
17. That you can do whatever you want in life
18. That you should never stop investing in your brain
19. That you won’t remember things you bought, but you will remember emotions you had
20. That there are no negative situations, there is always something positive to find in any circumstance

21. That no one owes you anything
22. That you should never blame anyone in your troubles. You are the only one who is responsible for everything that happens in your life
23. That the bedrock of happiness is good health
24. That you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t
25. That independence is worth trying and suffering


26. That there is always a way out, no matter how bad you feel
27. That there is no strict right or wrong, there are different perspectives
28. That you shouldn’t waste your time on revenge, life will sort things out
29. That you should never give up on your dreams
30. That turning 30 may actually be the beginning!


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